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Sony: It’s safe to turn on your PS3 again

March 2, 2010

Looks like fat PS3 owners dodged a bullet when the clock rolled over midnight on Greenwich Mean Time yesterday.

In case you missed it, certain older — fat — models of the PlayStation 3 were hit with a glitch when the internal clock tried to set the time to Feb. 29, 2010, despite it not being a leap year, causing the system to enter a panic mode and lock down all trophy, online and Digital right management-laced media from working by setting the clock to Dec. 31, 1999.

This caused problems such as trophy data for games being lost, leaving some games unplayable due to being unable to sync trophy information, and reports of some save files being lost. Content from the PSN store was also unplayable due to the DRM data containing an “invalid” future date, as far as the system was concerned.

However, at midnight GMT, the problem fixed itself, much like the time-based glitch that happened with Zune on Dec. 31, 2008, and all old PS3s were once again able to access the PSN without much issue.

While syncing with the server may restore trophies, void DLC can be re-obtained by simply downloading it again from the PlayStation Store. Everything else should work normally. If your clock is still wrong, Sony suggests setting it manually or through the Internet to fix it.

Sony is continuing to look for a solution to resolve the error now that the symptoms have gone away. As it stands, it’s unknown if the problem will occur again in 2014, 2018, or 2022, as the way leap years are calculated in programming require the year to be divisible by four or 400 to be considered a leap year.

Gamer Gazette will keep you posted on any further word from Sony.

[Official PlayStation Blog – PlayStation Network Service Restored]

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