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Valve shenanigans at hand in Portal

March 3, 2010

Portal recently got an update on Steam, and as always, when a Valve game gets an update, the fans are right there to rip the fresh code to new pieces to find what new nuggets of joy Valve have thrown in.

And find they did.

Although it’s no secret that Portal 2 is coming, thanks in part to an announce at last year’s E3, the clues inserted into Portal by this update are far more interesting in that they come in the form of morse code and meta-morse code beeps. These seem to be more of a joke, mimicking the sound of a computer such as GlaDOS booting up. It was what was found next that makes this interesting.

Other files contained images that looked as if they were encoded via a slow-scan television camera, low-res pictures of random items, all of them marked with the Aperture Science logo. Using those images, numeric codes were quickly found, which lead to a bulletin board system, which contained even more images, but now in ASCII, in relation to Aperture in the form of GlaDOS, as well several messages from Cave Johnson, fictional founder of Aperture Science, who apparently hates both witchcraft and safety.

With all this information to sift through — and likely more hidden still — fans have quite a task to sort out this puzzle that Valve has cleverly dumped on them. Could it be more of a tease regarding the connection Portal and Half-Life are claimed to have, a tease for Portal 2, or is Valve up to its usual chicaneries and planning something entirely different?

[Steam Forums]

[Shack News]


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