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[Update]Square Enix: Arkham Asylum GOTY edition coming to PAL regions, playable in 3D

March 4, 2010

Square Enix London announced they’ll be publishing the game of the year edition of Rocksteady‘s Batman: Arkham Asylum in PAL territories later this month, and — get this —  it’ll come packaged with 3D glasses, enabling you to play the 2009 hit in 3D on standard and hi-def TVs. You can thank TriOviz 3D technology for that.

“TriOviz 3D is a patented 3D process which adds depth to the game, visible to players wearing the included 3D glasses,” said the news release.

That’s pretty damn cool, if you ask me — but only because the asylum Rocksteady built is a downright creative and graphical masterpiece.

The game will also include six new challenge maps on-disc. No word yet on if this edition will be coming stateside. Cross your batarangs, folks.

[Update: Sadly, the U.S. will not be seeing a 3D version of the GOTY edition, according to Warner Bros., Rocksteady’s new majority owners and publishers of the North American edition of the game.]


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