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Degradable demos part of SCEA patent

March 5, 2010

Demos. The good ones are too short and the bad ones get deleted quickly. Siliconera is reporting that Sony has apparently solved that problem via a patent filed by Sony Computer Entertainment America. The patent gives gamers access to full or nearly full games but features are slowly removed until the game is bought.

There are customizable triggers within the software that disables features after a number of plays or a number of hours. One example is a racing game that remove tracks after a certain number of plays is reached. After buying the game, the tracks are able to be used again. Another example in the patent is taking strong weapons away from players and giving them weaker ones, swords to daggers (in the image above).

According to the patent this system is better than the current model of demos because degradable  demos can be distributed through physical media and gamers can see the whole game for a limited time. The content can be restored with an unlock key.

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