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Game Informer cover hints Portal 2 setting

March 5, 2010

Although the title was confirmed to be in development since Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference in 2009, Valve has been steadily trickling out information, including odd hints in a recent update to Portal.

On the cover of the latest Game Informer, it appears that gameplay will now not only take place within an Aperture Science complex, but in new outdoor areas, or rather, what looks like the remnants of GlaDOS, now overgrown with plant life. Could this also be where the cake-promising A.I. wound up after the ending of the first game?

Kotaku has stringed together several leads regarding information on the game, including a backstory being setup with fictional Aperture Science Founder Cave Johnson. This includes the series of messages on a BBS discovered by fans of the game who sifted through the clues Valve left in Portal recently.

Portal 2 is scheduled to be released on Steam around the Holidays this year.

[Kotaku – An Insider’s Guide to Portal 2]

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