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Metro 2033 goes gold, hits retail March 16

March 5, 2010

If you’ve been craving some more post-apocalyptic, first-person action, then, well, continue craving for another week-and-a-half or so. THQ announced today that Metro 2033 has gone gold and will see release stateside and in Germany on March 16. That means they’re directly competing with a certain God-slaying simulator on launch day, so I assume the plan is to give Xbox 360 and PC owners something to play while their PS3 colleagues venture in to Mt. Olympus.

The game takes place in post-apocalyptic Moscow and will take players on a ride as they uncover some crazy ish (hint: monsters that will make you pee yourself) in the now-destroyed world. Most people live underground, in Metros, similar to Fallout 3, which many have compared the game to. It’ll also be a HUD-less experience, requiring players to rely on blood splatter to know if they’re near death and use an in-game watch to keep track of time. It gets interesting when you’re forced to go above the surface in the game, because players must wear a gas mask, but the gas mask doesn’t offer permanent protection from the toxicity. So you’ll constantly be looking down at that in-game watch to see how much time you’ve got left. Sounds like an interesting concept.

The title does look really promising, and the visuals are just gorgeous. Just look at the detail in the screenshot above — the scratches on the model’s helmet, mask, shoulder pad thing. Who’s picking this up on day one?

For more info and a new trailer, check out the game’s official site.

[Thanks, Games Press for the screenshot.]

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