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Metareview: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

March 6, 2010

For DICE and EA, the Infinity Wardgate situation couldn’t have come at a better time. While Modern Warfare fans were wondering about the quality of future iterations of their favorite shooter, EA launched their supposed Modern Warfare killer this week. Curious to know if Battlefield: Bad Company 2 actually is a Modern Warfare killer? Hit the jump to see what the other outlets had to say about DICE’s latest.

Game Informer: “Though the campaign doesn’t top the brilliant set pieces found in Modern Warfare, the drastic improvements bring it near the level of Infinity Ward’s juggernaut. Placed in tandem with the exceptional multiplayer, Bad Company 2 is a memorable shooter that should be a favored destination on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network for much of 2010.” — 9.5/10

1up: “The core gunplay has that “DICE feeling” that I like a lot, and even when the checkpoints or the linearity or my squadmates’ inaction annoy me a bit, the snap-crack-thud of a sniper rifle or the explosion-driven collapse of a building make up for those flaws. It might only have ten maps for now, but they’re big maps that I’ll be leveling up my duder within and mining for plenty of crazy stories. Though it occasionally stumbles, there’s one thing that Bad Company 2 clearly demonstrates: DICE has graduated from the “can only do a multiplayer FPS” class and is perfectly capable of making a great all-around game.” — A- (or 91/100 on the Metacritic scale)

IGN: “Those looking at Bad Company 2 as only a single-player game might come away disappointed. It’s an action packed, gorgeous, and explosive game but it doesn’t quite come together into a campaign for the ages. It more feels like an added bonus to the multiplayer game and for those in search of that, this is a great choice… If you’re looking for a more strategic and team-based change of pace, look no further. This is the game for you.” — 8.9/10

GameSpot: “The action is top-notch in both campaign and multiplayer alike. Whether or not you’re looking for a new shooter in your life, you owe it to yourself to play Battlefield: Bad Company 2.” — 9/10

For those of you have played it already, do you agree with the major outlets? Let us know what you think!

[Thanks, Metacritic.]

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