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GDC 2010: Sony Press Conference Round up

March 10, 2010

With Sony’s conference at GDC now over, Sony’s top brass were out in force showing several upcoming titles as well as an announcement regarding the PlayStation 3’s motion controller, Move. Head down below for a full recap of the event.

The event kicked off at 7:05 p.m. with the reveal of the PS3 motion controller, PlayStation Move, and its games with Shuheo Yoshida, President of SCE Worldwide Studios.

“We’re bringing games with precise and immersive gaming experiences to the player,” said Yoshida. “It tracks players movements with 1:1 motion.”

Taking the stage next was Peter Dille, senior vice president of marketing and PlayStation Network, to discuss the PlayStation Move, and what triggered the PlayStation 3’s explosive growth in the last year.

That growth, Dille said was KillZone 2, Uncharted 2 and the PS3 slim.

“PlayStation around the world was the only console that experience 50% software growth in 2009 over 2008,” Dille Said.

Dille moves on to 2010 titles in MAG and Heavy Rain, praising the high reviews Heavy Rain received. White Knight Chronicles and MLB10 The Show were next, before God of War III was teased.

God of War III clocks in at 35 gigs. It couldn’t be done on another platform.”

Sony continues later in the year with ModNation Racer, the create-your-own track experience, and Gran Turismo 5 later in the year, which Dille says is the best racing simulation ever made.

Finally SOCOM 4, which was announced last week. A few surprises for this title and others will be revealed at E3.

But for now, we’re here to talk about PlayStation Move.

“It’s currently ahead of anything on the marketplace,” Dille said.

Dille said Nintendo has done a great job with motion gaming and getting consumers into gaming. Sony is hoping that with people upgrading to HDTVs, they will also consider the PS3 and the Move.

“Nothing has this precise, ultra sensory, or to take gaming beyond the screen.”

Using the PlayStation Eye, the controller is treated like a part of your body rather than a tracker or cursor, like a mouse.

The Move is set to release in fall and will release as a standalone controller, a controller bundled with the PlayStation Eye Toy and a game, or the previous bundle along with the PS3. It’s like “a virtual console launch.”

The starter kit, with the Eye, a game and controller, will cost less than $100, though final pricing is not available yet.

A video plays with PlayStation Move, showing people using two Moves to play a boxing game, or as a bow and arrow. Next is the multiplayer showing two girls playing table tennis, followed by golf.

Next is being able to use it as a sword-and-shield and a paint brush, the movements all responding to how the user moves.

Scott Rohde, vice president of production development, SCEA, takes the stage to talk of titles that will use Move. He claims the latency on the Move is similar to the Bluetooth latency on the PS3’s other controllers. Throwing it to Jeremy Ray, he shows off a game called Sports Champions. We see a gladiator type game as he uses two controllers as a hammer and shield; the motions in game are being reproduced similar to how he moves.

Next, also in Sports Champions, is table tennis. He can turn around in real life and the game will reflect the change. How he hits the digital ball also affects the motion of the ball, such as adding more top spin.

Move Party follows, with Tom O’Connor and Nancy Hardy. The game promotes augmented reality using video, audio and photos. A user takes a photo of the user as well as an audio clip using the PlayStation Eye. In the game, the controller is augmented to look like an object. Nancy is shown holding the controller as a paint brush to draw inside the lines. She can rotate the controller as a shaver and change the direction by how she holds the remote.

LittleBigPlanet is next on display to show how the controls can be applied through an existing game. Using the Move, a mechanic included now is moving objects while the other player plays as Sackboy. Devices can be moved or rotated and things flicked to cause other actions. The mechanics allow players to be cooperative or to be competitive with each other.  No word when these updates will hit the game.

Another video, this time with EyePet. The Move can be used as a hairdryer or as a way of  drawing objects into the game, which will be turned into in-game items. It’s set to release Holiday 2010. More info in the months to come.

Johnny Mac up with Motion Fighters. Using two Moves, he demonstrates movement in how he can duck and shows how the player’s motions affect the types of punches, including able to grab an opponent by a headlock and pummel their heads or using elbow shots.

PlayStation Move can use extra accessories, such at the PS Move Subcontroller. SOCOM 4 will support the Move and Subcontroller.

Travis from Zipper takes the stage with SOCOM 4. Using the two controllers, Travis is controlling the camera with one controller and the character with the sub controller, similar to Metroid Prime 3 on the Wii. Rohde praises Zipper Interactive for quickly implementing the motion controls so fast.

Dille takes the stage again, thanking the Worldwide studios team for the demos, even if they’re still in pre-alpha. He talks about third parties using Move, saying they’re all on-board and they’re excited about using it. He says Move is the extension of PS3’s slogan “It only does everything.”

He also says the slogan is future proof. He quickly touches on 3D Gaming coming this summer and plugs the arcade next door where the reporters can play the titles shown off.

With that, the show ends.  What are your thoughts on the PlayStation Move? Will it help the PS3 out or is it too much of the Wii’s Controller? Drop us a comment down below!

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  1. rick j. permalink
    March 11, 2010 4:34 pm

    how funny , nintendo just released a controller similar to the ps2/ps3 dual shock controller.

    • Jonathan Davila permalink*
      March 11, 2010 6:26 pm

      You mean the Classic Controller Pro? Yeah, I guess it is pretty similar. It’s sexy too. ;)

      • Sergio Montealegre permalink
        March 11, 2010 10:58 pm

        Guess the grass is always greener, or whatever.


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