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February NPD: Xbox 360 dethrones Wii thanks to Bioshock 2

March 11, 2010

For the first time since Halo 3’s 2007 release, the Xbox 360 found its way to the top of the NPD’s monthly console sales chart, according, of course, to the NPD. Aside from PS3 shortages and everyone having a Wii already, Microsoft can thank Bioshock 2 for helping the Xbox 360 take the number one spot.

In game sales for the month, Bioshock 2 dethroned New Super Mario Bros. Wii with 563 thousand units sold. Mario and Modern Warfare 2 (360) placed second and third, respectively. This marks the moment in which I will stop writing the results and just let you read the damn chart.

Hit the jump to check out last month’s top ten console sellers.

1) BioShock 2 (360) — 563 thousand sold
2) New Super Mario Bros. Wii — 556 thousand sold
3) Modern Warfare 2 (360) — 314 thousand sold
4) Just Dance — 275 thousand sold
5) Wii Sports Resort — 273 thousand sold
6) Modern Warfare 2 (PS3) — 253 thousand sold
7) Mass Effect 2 — 247 thousand sold
8) Dante’s Inferno: Divine Edition (PS3) — 243 thousand sold
9) Dante’s Inferno (360) — 225 thousand sold
10) Heavy Rain — 219 thousand sold

Any title surprise you? I’m definitely surprised that Heavy Rain is up there, especially since it launched toward the end of February. Kudos to Quantic Dream and David Cage! Also, notice how the PS3 version of Bioshock 2 is nowhere to be found? Owch. Interesting, considering the PS3 version of Dante’s Inferno sold a little better than its 360 counterpart. What do you think triggered this Bioshock 2 PS3 hate?

[A big thanks to GamePro for the numbers.]


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