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Dragon Age: Awakening boosts level cap, low-leveled players

March 12, 2010

Next week is the release of Dragon Age: Awakening, the expansion pack for Dragon Age: Origins, and players of the first game who transfer their character over will have a few benefits to look forward to.

Awakening takes place a little after the Origins, the main character now a Grey Warden, a knight of sorts, with authority over the city of Amaranthine and the castle Vigil’s Keep. However, things get ugly with the appearance of demons called Darkspawn, who return from Origins, only now with the ability to speak, evidence of a new enemy threatening the Dragon Age world.

While players can also opt to create a new character from scratch, importing a character from Dragon Age: Origins will unlock a few benefits in that players under level 18 will be boosted to that level and given points to help power up their character. If your character is at level 18 or higher, you won’t get those buffs. However, BioWare increased the overall level cap to level 35, so get to slaughtering.

The other benefit– or hurdle — is that the moral choices players made in the DA:O will actually be taken into consideration, causing some events to change depending on how the player responded earlier in the adventure.

On top of this is the inclusion of several new skills  and abilities for players to earn on top of the ones learned from Origins.

The title will be available on disc for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for $40, with the PS3 getting a downloadable version as well.

[Thanks to Kotaku for the story]

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