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Kingdom Hearts born on U.S. PSPs this summer

March 16, 2010

PSP owners should mark their calendars for the vague time frame of Summer, as that is when Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, will be hitting American shores.

A press release from Square Enix earlier today locked down the time frame, as well as confirmed a few changed North American players will be receiving over the Japanese version.

For one, series creator, writer, director, and character designer (he also bakes!) Tetsuya Nomura stated the game was tweaked a little to increase the difficulty of some bosses or weaken some moves.

“We’ve pretty much finalized the specifications,” said Nomura of the international version. “We’re thinking of adding a Critical Mode to the battles.”

On top of the rebalancing, the U.S. release will also receive items called Crown Stickers, more multiplayer options, and a new secret boss on top of the existing secret boss in the Japanese version.

Hopefully it will also bring some sense to the storyline too. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days on the Nintendo DS left me tilting my head with what was going on at times.

[Thanks to IGN for the Nomura Interview]

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