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Square Enix’s NIER to get comic series

March 17, 2010

I can’t say NIER, Square Enix’s upcoming action-rpg,  is a game that’s on my radar, considering the character you play as is a very convincing transvestite.

But Square Enix changed that today by announcing NIER will be getting the comic book treatment. The game must be cool in some way if it’s getting a comic book, right? Let’s follow my logic here. Mass Effect equals cool, right? Okay. God of War? Pretty damn cool as well. Halo? Yup.

Now: All of the games got comic books. Therefore, NIER should be cool too (I think).

So there you have it. A game you probably thought wouldn’t be cool has proved to the world that it will be by announcing it will have its own comic series. The books will detail the game’s “mind-bending” back story and “tantalizing clues about key characters from the game,” according to a Square Enix news release. The issues will hit stands between “now and launch,” which is in April. The company is partnering with DC Comics’ Wildstorm imprint to make all this cool stuff happen.

Needless to say, I didn’t want to play NIER before. But it’s getting a comic now. That absolutely changes everything.


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