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Halo: Reach multiplayer features revealed

March 18, 2010

Bungie revealed some details about Halo: Reach‘s multiplayer to the chaps at Shacknews, and I suppose it helps ease the pain of waiting until May to play the multiplayer beta. If text doesn’t interest you, you can always check out the multiplayer trailer they released a few weeks ago.

Hit the jump to check out some of the features Bungie has in store for us in Halo: Reach.

Active Roster: This feature will probably be recognizable to you if you played Halo 2. What it does is let you check out what your friends are doing in Reach without having to navigate through the Xbox’s cumbersome dashboard. So you’ll be able to see who’s online, who’s in their party, what kind of game their in, the score and the remaining time in the match. This should make things quicker and easier for players deciding who to party up with, especially with the of the addition of…

Queue-Joining: Ever been in this situation? You boot up Halo 3. You see one of your friends online, and you’d like to play with him, but he’s already in a match. You wait a couple minutes, hoping the match is nearing an end. You then realize that he’ll be taking a bit longer than expected, so you start a game on your own to kill the time. While you’re playing your game now, your friend invites you. So you open up the dashboard, wait for the invite to populate, accept, get prompted by the game that quitting will result in a penalty, quit, wait for the game to connect you to your friend — and then bam, your friend thought you were taking too long, and you’re on your own again. This feature should prevent that from occurring ever again in Reach. It’ll allow you to auto-join a friend’s party as soon as it becomes open.

Improved Voting System: This feature is explained kind of vaguely by Shacknews. Bungie calls it “Veto 2.0,” and says this time around, instead of there just being a map and gametype for a playlist, players will have three additional options to vote on. It sounds like one of the choices will be to change the gametype of the chosen map, but the other two options — who knows?

Arena Playlists: This is where things begin to get interesting. The Arena is a Slayer or Team Slayer-only playlist aimed at the hardcore crowd. Each player is rated based on skill — not just kills — and placed into certain divisions, Onyx, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Steel. Each division plays a month-long season, and players can either rank-up or rank-down according to their performance. And to even qualify playing in a division, players must play a certain number of games on a daily basis to gain a “Daily Ranking,” an average score of a player’s best games of the day. It sounds like a great idea, considering it’ll separate the pros from the schmoes, making the experience enjoyable to both the hardcore players and those who want to have fun and not be obliterated by an obsessive opposition.

Ranked and Social Combined: Because they’re already splitting up players thanks to the Arena playlist, the ranked and social games are now combined. We don’t know if that means the end of bringing a guest in to play on your account via splitscreen. Bungie says the game will know what skill level you’re at and pair you with players of equal caliber. How this differs from previous ranking methods is unknown.

Streamlined Party-Up: Partying-up after a game in Halo: Reach will work in a completely opposite way compared to Halo 3. Instead of choosing to party up with your teammates after a match, the game will automatically pair them with you if you decide to stay on board for another round. If you didn’t like your teammates too much, you can “un-party-up” to look for a different squad. This should help keep the action going by decreasing the down time between matches.

Matchmaking Connection Options: If you want to, you can set your match preferences so that you only play in games that have a good connection, only in games that have players of similar skill, or only in games with players that speak the same language.

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  1. March 20, 2010 5:05 am

    generation graphics and technological advances, time lighting engine, make Halo 3 shine with stunning realism.

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