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Skate 3 coming to North America May 11, rest of world May 14

March 18, 2010

Skate 3 will be hitting store shelves on May 11 in North America and everywhere else on May 14, according to an EA news release. So those of you who love skating games only have to endure Tony Hawk RIDE for two more months!

Included in the new Skate is the ability to create skater teams, both online and offline, to “take on new challenges or competitive battles against other teams.” Your team will also be coached by the world-renowned, feared and admired Coach Frank, who is known as the greatest skateboarding coach to ever live and coach skateboarders at the same time. No doubt, hilarity will ensue. And for those of you rebels who never like the skate parks the developers spent a bajillion hours researching, coding and play-testing, the game will also feature a map editor so you can do it your damn self. You’ll then be able to share those parks, videos and pictures with your friends by uploading them from your console to the Skate Web site. Is all of that cool enough for you?

< Insert reference to Tony Hawk RIDE sucking here > and enjoy Skate 3 in May.

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