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You want this pair of Mega Man Chucks

March 24, 2010

This is awesome.

No, like, really — this is awesome. I mean, I know Chuck Taylor’s were awesome a long time ago. Then they weren’t so awesome. Then, they were awesome again.

This makes then 100 million-gajillion times awesomer. It sucks that Capcom Unity doesn’t have any more info. on where these Chucks originated, but at least they did the world a favor by revealing their awesomeness. Check out that awesomely stitched, awesome 8-bit Mega Man. Do want. Now.

Anybody else know of some (awesome) cool/geeky/nerdy videogame-themed clothing/shoes that I can possibly make a post/article/short story on and post it on our (awesome) blog/news site/world domination venture?

Via Capcom Unity (thanks for the pic as well [and being awesome]).

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