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PAX Attendee wanted for attempted theft of Breach code

March 30, 2010

Apparently being caught trying to steal game data at a large exposition isn’t enough for this guy.

Justin D. May from Delaware is now wanted by police for failing to show up at his arraignment earlier this morning.

May, who attended the Penny Arcade Expo in Boston, was caught trying to steal game code from upcoming shooter Breach on an open laptop at developer Atomic Games’ booth.

“Both charges carry maximum five-year prison terms, though there are monetary fines as potential sentences,” Suffolk Country District Attorney Press Secretary Jake Wark said in an interview with Joystiq. “Neither offense carries a minimum term. Being a fugitive from justice carries a potential penalty in most states, but only in the jurisdiction to which a defendant flees. For the moment, he is only in default and not facing any enhanced penalties.”

May faces charges of larceny over $250 and buying, selling or receiving stolen trade secrets. He faces up to five years or a $25,000 fine on the first charge and up to five years in prison or a $500 fine and imprisonment of up to two years on the second charge.

According to the police report, the code’s value was estimated to be worth over $6 million, though David Tractenberg, a spokesperson for Atomic Games, stressed today, “We haven’t figured out the real price tag yet.”

In an interesting change, Joystiq also obtained May’s gamertag, which showed he was playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 a few hours ago. Not exactly the smartest idea when police have used gamertags on stolen systems to track down criminals.

We’ll keep you posted as this develops.

[Thanks to Joystiq for additional details]


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