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You’re not reading this because Modern Warfare 2’s Stimulus Package is out today

March 30, 2010

Yeah, so… there it is. It’s out already.

If you were living under a pile of red-ringed Xbox 360s, then you’re one of the few humans who did not know Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2‘s Stimulus Package DLC came out today. Some of the humans who did hear of it, were kind of upset with the pricing ($15), which they say is too steep for three new maps and two rehashes. Nonetheless, billions of humans rushed to their consoles this morning and purchased the Stimulus Package. If you want to see what the new maps look like in action, you can check out this video, or just join the rest of the world in buying it now.

MTV Multiplayer reported there were some problems with the content earlier today (apparently, gamers were sitting in a lobby forever waiting for the maps to load, but they didn’t.), but the problems have already been patched, so you don’t have anything to worry about if you’ll be downloading the DLC later today.


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