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New Metroid: Other M gameplay trailer makes me drool

March 31, 2010

“Mother, time to go.”

Holy crap. Holy crap. Holy crap. I really can’t wait to play this. The Team Ninja and Nintendo joint-developed Metroid: Other M is just a few short months away, and watching this trailer makes those months feel like years. I recently beat Super Metroid for the first time, and I adored the crap out of it. I’ve played all the Metroid Primes, as well as the OG Metroid, and, while the Primes are indeed awesome, there’s just this feeling you get when playing the older side-scrolling ones that I feel Other M kind of replicates. The one thing I’m not feeling is the music in this trailer, but I really doubt that’s what the game’s actual soundtrack will sound like.

Let us know what you think of the new trailer below.

Via IGN’s YouTube.

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