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Sony: No more arrogance in PlayStation ads

April 6, 2010

Three years after the launch of the PS3 and that “great” advertising campaign, Sony has finally decided to tone down the arrogance in their ads, according to Peter Dille, vice president of marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment America who spoke at last week’s MI6 advertising conference.

“We get questions about the white room and the baby ad quite a bit,” Dille said. “That whole campaign was to get people to say ‘what the –?” Dille said the angle they went for – baby doll in a white room as an example – didn’t work out too well for them.

“But what we found was that this whole positioning was a bit intimidating to people. Our research also showed that Sony could be perceived as arrogant.” The new ads starring Kevin Butler, which seem to be very popular, are designed to not be arrogant, intimidating or hard to understand.

“With our campaign now, we kind of knocked off all those obstacles. The arrogance I think has gone away. We kind of gotten back to our mojo with the sense of humor that people came to know and love with early Playstation advertising. I think it’s just a more likeable connection to the consumer,” Dille said.

[Via G4]

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