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Iwata: Monster Hunter Tri galvanized Nintendo staff

April 7, 2010

In the newest addition to its Iwata Asks feature, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata had an interview with the director and producer of Monster Hunter Tri Kaname Fujioka and Ryozo Tsujimoto, respectively. In the interview Iwata went “straight” with the two and said the graphics of Monster Hunter Tri lit a fire under the staff at Nintendo.

“I can tell Nintendo’s staff has really been galvanized by you,” Iwata said. “I can tell they feel like you did what they hadn’t yet. Besides, the enthusiasm you put into it is apparent in the graphics.”

Fujioka took the compliment, as would anyone, and responded by saying that making great visuals was one of their main goals for the game. “Striking visuals were originally one selling point of Monster Hunter, so when we decided to bring Tri out for Wii, to be honest, many players may have been uneasy over just how much we could do visually,” Fujioka said.

[Via 1UP]

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