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Stimulus Package: Coming to PS3s and PCs near you in May

April 8, 2010

I know. I know, PS3 and PC owners. You hate Activision.

Not only because they may have ruined future Modern Warfare titles because they fired the two dudes who founded the studio that makes it, but also because they deprived you of your precious Modern Warfare 2 DLC, the Stimulus Package. But hate isn’t a good thing to keep inside of you. Just let it go.

Let it go, and you might happily appreciate the fact that the Stimulus Package has been confirmed for a release on PS3 and PC in early May. PlayStation owners in the U.S. will be able to download the additional five maps on May 4, and Europe and Australia will get the pack on their PlayStation Store the following day, May 5. A worldwide release of May 4 has been set for PC owners of the game, ensuring the rest of the Modern Warfare-playing world can finally get together around the fire and sing Kumbayah.

So, like I said, let the hate go, and see if you can beat the 2.5 million-downloads-in-a-week record your Xbox 360 comrades have established.

Via GameInformer

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