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Zone of the Enders 3 teased by Kojima?

April 12, 2010

Leave it to Hideo Kojima to once again raise fan optimism for a sequel in his giant mecha fighting series Zone of the Enders.

Over on his Twitter account, usually used by Kojima to talk about whatever is on his mind (and usually philosophical banter about game design,) Kojima dropped a lengthy tweet that implies a sequel to Zone of the Enders may be on its way.

“I’m thinking about the casting for my next title,” wrote Kojima. “The project plan still hasn’t reached a detailed level, but everything is advancing simultaneously in my head. Title, game design, story, characters, setting research, the mecha that appear, casting, graphic direction, sound, beginning and ending, the major story sequences. It comes together naturally in my head.”

Of course, many of Kojima’s games contain mecha — some of them even moo. With a man so well versed in teasing fans of his games, who knows what this could even be a hint for.

With Kojima behind Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, we may even see Dracula in Metal Gear Rex. Bet the Belmonts didn’t see that one coming!

[Via CVG]

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