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Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi coming soon to Xbox Live Arcade

April 18, 2010

More shenanigans with Microsoft’s PartnerNet system is causing more of Sega’s upcoming Live Arcade titles to be revealed to the Internet. This time, it isn’t regarding a new game, but some classics from the Dreamcast.

The biggest leak comes with regards to Sonic Adventure, which debuted as the Dreamcast’s flagship launch title in 1998 in Japan. The version running on Xbox Live appears to be a port from the Gamecube-turn-PC port of the game, Sonic Adventure DX, which featured upgraded textures and additional content.

Besides Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi and Quake Arena are also set to hit the online service, though little else is known for any title in terms of any additional features they will receive with being playing online.

I for one welcome a multiplayer Crazy Taxi, though I wonder if the game will be keeping its original licensed soundtrack.

[Thanks to Gamer Tag Radio]


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