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Ubisoft goes green: drops manuals, uses new cases

April 19, 2010

Word has it Ubisoft is ditching the printing of physical game manuals for their future game releases, and the revolution begins with this fall’s release of Shaun White Skateboarding. Instead, the instructions will be found in digital form on the game’s disc, which is annoying to old schoolers like me who like physical instruction booklets because they give a nice-feeling weight to what should normally be a pretty light object.

To further their eco-friendly initiative (or money-saving initiative), the company is also working with Technimark, a packaging company, to make 100% recycled ecoTech game cases, starting with the upcoming PC version of Splinter Cell: Conviction.

What’s next, Ubisoft? No cases or discs at all? Purely digital, downloadable games? Hah. When pigs fly, right?

Via Game Informer

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