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Two Just Cause 2 DLC packs parachuting to you this Spring

April 25, 2010

Square Enix recently announced they have a couple of ways to spice up your Just Cause 2 life if you’re already bored of zip-lining and parachuting your way around the game’s vast digital terrain.

Set for release on April 29 on Steam, PSN and Xbox Live, the Black Market Aerial Pack will add an F-33 Dragon Fly Jet Fighter equipped with twin missile launchers and four mini-guns to the list of controllable aircrafts; a multi-lock missile launcher that locks on to up to four targets; and parachute dual-thrusters that turn your ordinary lil’ parachute into a “nimble and powerful attack platform.”

The awesome ridiculousness continues on May 25 with the Black Market Boom Pack, which will add a half shotgun, half rocket launcher weapon called the Quad Rocket Launcher; a Cluster Bomb Launcher, which Square Enix says is the “natural successor to the grenade launcher;” and the Air Propulsion Gun, which sends vehicles and soldiers flying with its  “highly-experimental” jet power. What will they come up with next?

Both packs will run you $1.99 on Steam and PSN and 160 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live. They’re also confirmed to be cooler than horse armor.

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