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Alpha Protocol DRM detailed

May 3, 2010

Likely smelling blood in the water from all the bad publicity Ubisoft has been getting for its digital rights management system, Sega explained how its DRM on the PC version of Alpha Protocol will work.

Using an FAQ over on its forums, Sega explained the most important parts of the system to users, which will be running under a UniLoc: Soft Anchor system.

While Ubisoft’s system has become infamous for requiring players to maintain a connection to the Internet, the system will require users to be online at least once while setting up the game to validate its authenticity. After that, users can play the game as they wish without having to be online.

Users will also only be allowed to install the game five times. Removing an installation from a machine will allow it to be reinstalled elsewhere. Sega plans to kill the necessity of using the DRM system after the game has been on sale for over two years by releasing a patch for the title.

Although there’s still some restriction, the system seems much more reasonable and flexible than others on the market. Would you be opposed if other PC developers adopted a similar system for their titles?

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