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Sony introduces PlayStation Protection Plan

May 3, 2010

Sony unveiled today a new service which allows consumers to extend the factory warranties of their PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable systems for a fee.

Every system comes with a one year warranty out of the box, which allows users to easily send back their console to Sony for repairs at no cost. John Koller, director of hardware marketing over at Sony Computer Entertainment of America, offered the break down on how much each extension would cost users.

  • PS3 – 1-year extension ($44.99) or 2-year extension ($59.99)
  • PSP – 1-year extension ($29.99) or 2-year extension ($39.99)
  • PSP Accidental Damage – 1-year ($39.99) or 2-year ($49.99)

“So, why are we offering this now, you ask? Well, we’ve heard your requests for an extended service plan that’s backed directly by SCEA,” Koller said. “From the get go, we’ve been extremely committed to offering the best entertainment experiences possible”

There is a catch to the plan, though. To apply for the warranty extensions, the console must still be within its original manufacturers warranty, which means any console purchased before May 3, 2009 is not eligible.

Kind of a bummer for those of us with the older and fatter PS3s. Still, there’s other alternatives in case a system breaks down on you and is no longer in warranty.

[Via PlayStation Blog]

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