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Dragon Age DLC ‘Darkspawn Chronicles’ embraces the dark side

May 5, 2010

Yesterday, Microsoft detailed its downloadable content schedule for the month by way of its monthly Xbox Live NewsBeat newsletter, stating that another DLC package for Dragon Age: Origins was on its way.

BioWare and Electronic Arts confirmed Darkspawn Chronicles, which will allow players to control the game’s evil incarnate group, the Darkspawn.

The story is in an alternate reality, showing what would have happened if  the player died during the “Joining” ceremony. The Grey Wardens are now ruled under Alistair’s command; you’ll control a vanguard, with the ability to “Enthrall” and recruit any Darkspawn you encounter.

Terms only players of the game will understand, so no worries if you don’t get it. The pack will also add a special Darkspawn item to the campaigns in Origins and Awakenings upon completion.

Darkspawn Chronicles” is out on May 18, and will cost 400 MS Points for 360, 400 BioWare points for PC, and $4.99 on PlayStation 3.

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