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Nintendo announces Wii Party

May 7, 2010

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata confirmed the next title in the Wii line of games (Wii Sports, Wii Fit, Wii Music, etc.) titled Wii Party, the spiritual successor to the Mario Party line of games.

The title was one of many shown in a meeting to investors as a way of giving them confidence in Nintendo’s line up for the year. Like the other titles in the Wii series of games, players can use any Mii on the system as their character.

“The developers are spending significant time for this title so that they can include elements that are must-haves in a party game as well as making sure that adequate volume of game play are available,” Iwata said.“As you know, “Wii something” are the titles that we use only with software that Nintendo has developed exclusively for Wii with the aim to make them marquee titles for Wii,” Iwata said. “We are developing this game with the aim to make it a marquee party game for Wii.”

Iwata pointed out that Nintendo has not made a marquee party title since Mario Party 8 for the Nintendo Wii in 2007. He also boasted that Wii users have made a total of 160 million Mii characters in Japan, the U.S. and six different countries in Europe alone, making it “a natural move for your Miis and your friends’ and family members’ Miis to show up in a Wii party games.”

Iwata confirmed the title for release in Japan sometime during Nintendo’s current fiscal year, which ends March 31, 2011. Nintendo of America have not commented on a release date here, but expect to see the title on the floor at E3 next month.

What I’m curious about is how many Wii accessories will this thing require. One of the mini-games on the menu picture is called Balance Ship, leading me to believe the balance board may be necessary.

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