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Next Modern Warfare 2 DLC announced, named Resurgence Pack

May 13, 2010

It looks like Activision isn’t satisfied with the amount of money we’ve given them already, so how do they get some more? Another Modern Warfare 2 map pack, of course!

In a press release today (which is extremely vague), the publisher announced the Resurgence Pack, a downloadable map pack that’ll add another five maps to the popular shooter’s multiplayer. To celebrate, Infinity Ward will host two double XP weekends, one beginning on May 28 and the other on June 4. It looks like Microsoft may have landed another temporary exclusivity deal too; the map pack hits Xbox Live on June 3, and the Activision release offered no information on a PS3 or PC release (but it’ll happen, of course). Also not included is pricing information, but we already know how that will go.

If these were five new maps, not three maps and two rehashes like the Stimulus Package, would you be less reluctant to pay $15 for them this time around? What if they bumped it up to $20? Would you still buy it? What am I saying? Did anyone not buy the $15 Stimulus Package?

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