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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier pushed to 2011

May 18, 2010

Really, Ubisoft? You’re afraid of a little… competition?

We know Halo: Reach comes out this September, which I suppose is fairly close to the holiday season. And Call of Duty: Black Ops hits shelves this November, adding another shooter to millions of gamers’ Christmas lists. But I thought you’d be confident enough in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier to take Halo and Call of Duty head on this holiday season– maybe even show them a thing or two about selling first-person shooters (and later on, selling downloadable content).

But I was wrong. You chickened out. You let us know in your annual fiscal call this morning that you’re pushing back the release of Future Soldier to the “March quarter” because of “a very competitive environment.”

Now, I’ll have to wait until even later in the future to play Future Soldier. Maybe in the future, you’ll have the cojones, or the brand power that Halo and Call of Duty have. Then your futuristic selves can stare at Microsoft and Activision in the face and tell them to eat your futuristic shorts.

But until then, I’ll be waiting ’til March to get my future on.

Via IGN.

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