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Google’s Chrome Web Store to bring games to web browsers

May 19, 2010

Google announced today during their Google I/O conference the Chrome Web Store, allowing web users to download several applications, for work or for entertainment, onto their browsers. During the demonstration, versions of Plants vs. Zombies and Lego Star Wars were displayed.

According to Google, the web store addresses problems with integrating web applications into an  operating system by installing web applications directly to the browser. The developer likens the technological process to creating a “super-bookmark” to web content.

Applications range from productivity programs to video games. Popcap’s Plants Vs. Zombies, along with a port of LEGO Star Wars called LEGO Star Wars: The Quest for R2-D2 were two titles displayed to the crowd. Both games launched immediately, with the Star Wars title running smoothly in full 3D.

Despite being branded with the Chrome name, any web browser can use the store and download the applications within, though Chrome users will be able to use a special built-in app launcher.

Developers will be able to upload apps onto the store for free or charge a price through a secure payment method.

The Chrome Web Store will be available later this year.

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