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UPDATE: PAX East code theft suspect undergoes arraignment, pleads not guilty

May 19, 2010

[Update: The arraignment ended with May pleading not guilty to the charges. We’ll keep you posted as the trial progresses.]

After being arrested under suspicion of stealing data, Justin D. May faces arraignment today in Boston Municipal Court.

During the inaugural Penny Arcade Expo East in Boston in March, May allegedly tried to steal 14MB out of 2GB of early code for Atomic Game’s upcoming multiplayer shooter Breach.

Representatives from the developer caught him attempting to download the source code for the game Breach onto his laptop.

May was arrested on March 28, facing charges of larceny over $250 and buying, selling or receiving stolen trade secrets. He could face up to five years or a $25,000 fine on the first charge and up to five years or a $500 fine and imprisonment of up to two years on the second charge.

May failed to appear on his original arraignment on March 30, causing a warrant to be issued in his name. However, it was dropped after May contacted authorities on April 1, allowing the arraignment to be moved to today.

An arraignment is a formal reading of charges against a defendant, where the defendant has a chance to file their plea after hearing the charges.

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