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Rumor: Next PSP as powerful as PS2, releasing 2011?

May 19, 2010

Note: Concept image. Not a real PSP2.

Could this be Sony pulling a publicity stunt to gauge interest in a PSP2, or have anonymous sources truly leaked Sony’s next portable gaming device?

Anonymous sources told VG247 the PSP2 is a reality. While it was rumored to make its début at E3 2010, the anonymous sources are “99 percent sure” that won’t be the case, but a 2011 release is still what the sources believe to be the PSP2’s release year. Developers have already reportedly had the non-disclosure agreements in their grasps for months now (meaning some games can already be in development for it!).

As far as features go, here’s what the sources are saying:

  • Touch screen — But don’t worry, the traditional PlayStation buttons remain on intact and somewhere on the device.
  • Two cameras — One in front, one in the back.
  • Digital only — Ugh! Like the PSP Go? Kind of. Supposedly, it’ll have 3G capabilities (really hoping this one isn’t true).
  • Four-core Cell CPU (PS3 has an eight core)

So what say you? Do these early rumors for the next PSP get you excited? Nervous? Queasy? Aroused? Let us know what you think!

Thanks PCWorld.

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  1. May 19, 2010 1:19 pm

    Given how the PSP Go is universally considered a commercial failure, Sony would be quite dumb to make the PSP2 digital only. That’s practically saying to Nintendo and to an extent Apple that they give up.

    Of course, if that part is not true and the rest is…

  2. Cecilio's Pizzeria permalink
    June 3, 2010 6:44 pm

    Close to the original format with two analog controls would be nice. I wouldn’t mind the digital only if it has enough memory, and the 3g network is nicer than wi-fi only (though 4g would be better). PSP needs a good upgrade, but it really needs better games.


  1. Sony Europe desperate to sell PSP go, giving away games « The Gamer Gazette

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