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GameStop to start selling DLC in stores this year

May 20, 2010

During today’s quarterly investor call, the mighty GameStop corporation revealed its plans to begin selling downloadable content at its brick and mortar shops this year, as well as its plans to launch a nationwide customer loyalty program this fall.

“We’ve been working on the technology for DLC for well over a year,” said J. Paul Raines, the company’s COO, during the call. “And I think what’s important to understand is that we’ve had to create proprietary point of sale technology in partnership with Microsoft to be able to show that DLC catalog at retail. We’re also working on merchandising and marketing the DLC content in our stores. So this is something that we feel like the industry is moving our way, and our investments are starting to really be timely and publishers see us as the destination for sale of DLC in stores.”

The program will be launching in 35 GameStop locations this spring with a limited catalog that will expand during the summer, according to Raines. The plans are to roll out the program nationwide by autumn. The customer loyalty program’s testing will begin in four regional U.S. markets starting this May; Raines wouldn’t name the markets, but said we’d find out on May 28.

What’s unclear here is if GameStop will only be offering downloadable content for the Xbox 360; Raines only mentions a partnership with Microsoft “to be able to show that DLC catalog at retail.” What about Sony and PlayStation 3 DLC? I guess we’ll also just have to wait and see.

Via Joystiq.

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