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Sega announces Sonic Colors

May 26, 2010

While Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 has been knocked back to the later part of this year, that hasn’t stopped Sega’s Sonic machine from churning out other titles, such as the strangely named Sonic Colors for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS, due out later this year.

The premise this time is ovian villain Dr. Eggman has captured a race of rainbow-colored alien squid called Wisps and enslaved them on a theme park planetoid orbiting the home world of Sonic. Sonic and his two-tailed friend Tails immediately set out to stop the mad doctor and set free the aliens.

Sega says the game features high speed action as Sonic barrels through stages, absorbing the power of the wisps to perform new actions, such as drill through the ground (“Yellow Drill”) or turn into a speeding laser of death (“Cyan Laser.”) Stringing together color combos will increase Sonic’s boost gauge, enabling the player to go faster through the stage.

From the sound of it, the game will be similar to Sonic Unleashed‘s day time levels, where the stage swings between 2D and 3D perspectives as Sonic speeds through, while the DS version will “utilize both screens.” It’s unknown how, though similar to Sonic Rush would be likely.

No other details yet aside from a teaser trailer (down below) but we’ll keep you posted as more comes out.

[Via Sega of America Blog]

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