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Rumor: Michael Jordan airing his way on to NBA 2K11 cover?

May 27, 2010

Debate all you want about who is better — Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan (personally, I say MJ) — but one fact remains unarguable: Kobe’s been on the cover of the NBA 2K series (for the most recent iteration, NBA 2K10). Michael Jordan has not. And that’s what makes this rumor make me slam my palms together in joy.

His Airness might end up catching up with Kobe in that category — if an ESPN report turns out to be true. Mystical sources are telling them MJ will grace the cover of NBA 2K11, which could end up meaning a few things:

  1. He’d be the first retired player to grace the cover of the franchise.
  2. He’d be the first NBA team owner to grace the cover of the franchise (Jordan is majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats.)
  3. Jordan on the cover might also mean a playable Jordan in-game. <— This is something that also makes me slam my palms together in a joyous stupor.

And there’s more, supposedly. There’s also speculation the folks at 2K are also negotiating contracts with teammates and other players from Jordan’s era. If that’s true, then it might get easier to create something like this when NBA 2K11 hits shelves later this year.

We’ll find out how true this rumor is at E3 next month.


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