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2099 revealed as third Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions universe

June 8, 2010

I was right, wasn’t I?

When Activision revealed the first two of four dimensions in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, I made the bold assumption the 2099 universe would make up one of the remaining couple. Now, I get to say I told you so and inflate me ego even more. Man, I’m so awesome — but not as awesome as Spider-Man 2099, also known as Miguel O’Hara (yep, no Peter Parker in 2099). He’s big, buff, blue and his gameplay feature in Shattered Dimensions will be the freefall.

See, in 2099, New York City has grown a lot — vertically. So if you thought jumping off the Empire State Building in Spider-Man 2 and 3 was good ol’ fun, you’ll probably like playing as Miguel in Shattered Dimensions. While freefalling, the 2099 Spidey will fight off sleek-looking enemies, and when grounded, well, he’ll fight off sleek-looking enemies again as he tries to restore balance in his dimension (for more details on the story, check out our earlier post on the title.)

So there’s one dimension left for Activision to reveal. Anyone wanna take a stab at it? My vote is on Spider-Man 1602, and I’d bet on myself, bucko. I’m batting 1 for 1 now.

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