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E3 2010: Square Enix decodes Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

June 9, 2010

Square Enix and h.a.n.d. are working on another Kingdom Hearts title, although fans may be disappointed in seeing it’s not the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III.

The developer of all things spiky-haired with belts and zippers revealed on their E3 page that the episodic Japan-only cellphone title Kingdom Hearts coded (pictured above) is getting slapped together with new stuff as Kingdom Hearts re:coded.

Sora’s journey in Kingdom Hearts II has drawn to a close, and now a new tale is set to begin. Jiminy Cricket is looking over the journal he used to document his first adventure with Sora when he discovers a mysterious message. He didn’t write it – so how on earth did it get there? King Mickey is determined to find out, so he and his friends decide to digitize the journal and delve into its deepest secrets. Inside this “datascape” dwells a second Sora who is about to embark on a grand adventure of his very own.

While no console was specifically pointed out, it’s very likely to be a DS title, as PSP owners outside of Japan are still waiting on Birth by Sleep, set to release on September 7 in the U.S.

Series Director Tetsuya Nomura is expected to be on hand at E3 next week to talk about the game and Birth by Sleep. We’ll keep you posted on what he says and if he has anything else up his sleeves.

[Via Siliconera]

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