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E3 2010: Fable III got an official release date too, y’know

June 14, 2010

Peter Molyneux briefly took the stage at Microsoft’s E3 keynote this afternoon (or morning, depending on what side of the world you woke up on today) and showed off a new trailer for Fable III, the third iteration of the successful action-RPG franchise. No, he didn’t say it would be the greatest RPG ever made, but he doesn’t have to — I’m already drooling for the game because Leonidus (from 300) is standing behind the hero in the screenshot above! Does this confirm kicking someone in to an endless pit as a possible move for our hero or heroine? Not really, but it also doesn’t confirm the game is coming out Oct. 26, and that’s true, so don’t ruin my hopes and dreams.

This reminds me of our podcast from yesterday: Wouldn’t a Kinect mini-game that replayed that particular scene from 300 be amazing? Just sayin’.

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