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Here’s what the Kinect retail product looks like

June 14, 2010

Read the headline. Now look a the photo. Cool. Now read on to hear what Microsoft’s “press event” was like yesterday evening.

Unable to be there myself, I had to read other sites’ impressions of Microsft’s Kinect (formerly Project Natal), and for the most part, it sounded like the event was a ridiculously expensive commercial, featuring Cirque du Soleil performers, elephants, gorillas and enough lights to make a techno-lover start convulsing. Microsoft could’ve just told the journalists there, “Hey, we changed the name. It’s Kinect now. Also, there are some casual games coming out for it, and there’s one Star Wars game that could be or could not be cool, but we’re not showing you just yet.” It would’ve been quick, informative and less painful (everyone attending had to wear a funky poncho with shoulder pads in it for more than an hour, for Christ’s sake!)

You can check out the event for yourself tomorrow on MTV.

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