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E3 2010: First look at the Nintendo 3DS

June 15, 2010

After a frenzy of game announces, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata took the stage and debuted the first look at the Nintendo 3DS.

While it looks pretty much like a DSi on the outside, the similarities end there. The system features a 3.5″ high definition top screen with 3D capabilities and the bottom screen similar to past DS’ in size and in function as a touch screen.

Users can control the 3D functionality by a slider on the side to adjust the intensity of the 3D effect, even the ability to turn it off entirely.

The system sports three cameras: one on the inside and two on the outside. All three can take 3D pictures. The system also has a gyrometer built in, allowing tilt functionality, such as using the gyro as a second control stick in a first person shooter.

In addtion, a joystick, called a thumb pad here, is also added to the system on top of a normal D-Pad. The wireless capabilites are also improved, allowing the system to constantly communicate with other systems and WiFi hotspots to download and exchange data, allowing for new quests and content to be put on to the console while in sleep mode.

Nintendo didn’t disclose the price or the release date of the console, so we’ll bring it to you when they do.

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