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E3 2010: Nintendo Press Conference Recap

June 15, 2010

Nintendo came out swinging this year with a slew of new titles on the Wii, the DS and the confirmation of the DS successor, the Nintendo 3DS. Want to see how the event went down? Hit the jump for a full breakdown of the event.

With a countdown and music, Reggie takes the stage, saying this is the best week of the year for gamers. It’s the land of technology he says, but technology is only a tool with experience being a more important aspect of it.

Nintendo is aiming to raise the bar on gaming experience, which leads us to a trailer.

Link rides on a horse, an image of Majora’s mask and Link sailing hits. And we see new gameplay of boomerangs, bombs and more as the title appears: The Legend of Zelda – Skyward Sword.

Miyamoto appears in green space holding the sword and shield. He explains he wanted to simplify the controls to feel like you’re using the items in game. They transform into the Wii Remote and Nunchuk with Wii motion plus.

To show off the controls, Nintendo’s Bill Trinen is on stage, playing the game. Right away, Bill is getting defeated. Miyamoto gets annoyed and teleports on stage!

Eat your heart out, CNN.

Miyamoto says he’s taking over to explain it while Bill does translating. “Just imagine you’re holding the sword and shield and the buttons will be your actions, with sword swinging done by the Wii Remote.

The controls aren’t too different from Twilight Princess, motion controls aside. Miyamoto enccounters a Deku Baba. He says the only way to beat it is to cut the direction his mouth is open. Miyamoto has some problems but dispatches it. Holding the controller up to the sky charges the Sword Beam.

There’s an eyeball on a door and it follows the sword. Spinning the blade around makes the eye dizzy, and with a slash, the door opens. Some plant creatures named Dekus appear and Miyamoto has trouble showing off shield relfecting.

More enemies. They are using their clubs as shields to defend from Link’s attacks, responding to how Miyamoto attacks. He takes a potion break and jumps back into battle. Link can also run around fast than usual with the shake of the controller.

Items are in “pockets”, reached by holding down B. Miyamoto switches to the Slingshot. Instead of aiming at the screen, you hold the Wii Remote like a slingshot and tap A to fire. Some trouble shooting down spiders later, he blows himself up demonstrating how Bombs work. The bomb controls look clumsy and unresponsive as Miyamoto almost blows himself up again. However, players can also bowl with the bombs.

Some interference with the controller. Bill jokes people to turn off their wireless devices because this didn’t happen at rehearsal. Nice dig at Apple, Bill.

The Arrow isn’t responding well, so Miyamoto demonstrates a new item, a metallic beetle. It flies around and can be used to pick up items. The surrounding forest is rich and colorful, looking quite expansive.

The Beetle isn’t working well, so Miyamoto changes to a whip. He engages an enemy with it, but can’t damage the monster, so he quickly and seamlessly changes to the whip.

Despite the technical issues, Miyamoto promises the game will play better on the showfloor, saying it’ll feel like you’re in Hyrule doing the things Link does.

The game is due out sometime next year.

Another trailer sjows link fight enemies, rolling boulders in lava and giant scorpion bosses. Link uses several of the items in various gameplay shots before we see him jump off a cliff into the clouds, the logo appearing.


Reggie is back on stage talking about entertainment that can cross generations, age and gender in universal appeal. These titles are like MLB2K, Madden NFL …and NBA Jam. However, one hero, Mario, is going back into the sports field.

Mario holds up a bolley ball and delivers exchanges against Peach. It changes over to hockey, dodgeball with bob-ombs ad then basketball, Mario doing some evasion around Bowser to deliver a flaming slamdunk as the title appears: Mario Sports Mix.

Due out next year, Fils-Aime says you don’t need to be an expert to see the title will be popular. He starts talking figures, saying people said Wii was failing, but sold record figures in December 2009, that Wii owners played more on their console than other console owners.

More sales figures as Reggie introduces Wii Party. The game is strongly reminiscent of Mario Party. 70 mini-games are packed into the title aimed for release sometime this Holiday season.

Another trailer, this time from UbiSoft. Just Dance 2 puts in 40 new tracks to dance to, including duet dancing, and endless Just Sweat mode and a dance off. The title is due out in Fall 2010.

Next up is Golden Sun, called Golden Sun Dark Dawn. A trailer rolls, saying a generation has passed since the last game in the series ad the world has changed thanks to the power of Golden Sun… but as always, something goes horriby wring. Some battle clips, show the game has the fast paced battle system and over the topp summons fans of the series will be familiar with. The game is due out this holiday season.

However, Reggie teases something else “Golden”

Another trailer. People are in the world talking about a game. The conference holder mentions a new Goldeneye title, causing the participants to cheer. A fly in of the familiar Dam level, now raining. James Bond, now played by Daniel Craig, makes an appearance. The game has been updated to be more cinematic and dramatic, with several upgrades to make it closer to a modern third person shooter. Goldeneye 007 arrives this Holiday Season later this year.

Reggie talks of another character with universal reach: Mickey Mouse. The title, Disney: Epic Mickey. Taking the stage is Warren Spector and Adam Creighton to discuss the game.

Adam is exploting Venture Land, showing the game uses a crayon drawn style for cutscenes. The game is a 3D platformer, mixket using his painbrush to alter the world by using paint to create and paint thinner to erase. Players can change the game world to save it, meaning playstyle matters. This changes how characters interact with Mickey, showing a morality system is in place.

Outside of a Quest type of level, Action Zones are also present, though they won’t be showing them on stage. The third location type though is a travel zone. It ‘s a 2D level inspired by classic Disney cartoons, the one demoed based on Steamboat Willy. Warren likens Disney to Nintendo in wanting to dream the impossible.

Reggie takes the stage, talking about Masahiro Sakurai, who was behind Super Smash Bros. and Kirby. Kirby hasn’t has a console title in seven years. However, should Kirby stick to his gameplay or go somewhere new?

A trailer plays for Kirby Epic Yarn. The whole game world looks like it’s composed of yarn and fabric, with Kirby squishing the fabrics to change levels. Kirby even turns into a giant tank and uses his yarn power to capture enemies and dizzy them or fire back weapons to bosses. The game is due out this Fall.

Dragon Quest IX is up, Reggie citing its success in Japan and other facts about the game such as 150 quests and infinite multiplayer maps. On top of that, the four friends can co-op  together. Leaving the game in sleep mode can cause interaction with other users for more maps and quests. The game is due out July 11.

At the end of August, Metroid Other M hits.

A new trailer rolls with familiar music. Samus is running and rolling through space staions and caves, meeting space slugs and a large creature living in lava. The game switches between 2D and 3D perspectives, as seen before.Samus scans creatures in the jungle.

Reggie says isolation and exploration will be present in the game. However, Nintendo and Team Ninja are pushing the game to new emotional extremes. The game is due out August 31st.

On to Retro Studios, who worked on Metroid Prime. They wanted to try something new as familiar music hits.

Donkey Kong soars on stage. It’s a new 2D platformer akin to the Country titles on the SNES, but in full 3D. Diddy Kong also appears as classic gameplay suck as vine swinging and mine cart riding. Donkey Kong COuntry Returns is due out at the end of the year.

Reggie talks about 3D. Mario 64 brought Mario into full 3D, with the Wii remote allowing more interaction. He confirms the Nintendo 3DS.

At CES, he saw all the hype for 3D, despite little out there to even use the feature. And then there’s needing strange glasses!

Nintendo is taking their own hand into 3D, such as not needing glasses. A trailer rolls, showing the history of 3D since Euclid’s discovery of it to polarized 3D glasses last year.

As the trailer ends, promising the glasses to be gone, a white podium rises and a little blue system stands in the fog. Iwate comes out, holding up the new system. It resembles the DSi, but the upper screen is slightly larger at 3.5″ wide screen in full 3D graphics. There was also a thumb stick ontop of the D-pad.

Iwata says 3D has been a constant consideration for Nintendo and wants to make a product for mass market. A slider on the side lets you to control the degree of 3D on the screen, which can be turned off entirely.

The 3DS has a touch panel, but Nintendo found finger prints smudge the 3D experience. Because of this, the touch screen stays on the bottom and the 3D screen takes the top.

While the DS is 6 years old, the 3DS has improvements in graphical capabilities. Controls have been improved, as he points out the mentioned control stick, called the Slide Pad. The 3DS also has a gyro sensor, allowing for motion gameplay.

Like the DSi, the 3DS has cameras: one on the inside, two on the outside. It lets you take 3D digital pictures.

The system can play 3D Hi-Def movies too, with trailers from Disney, Warner Bros. and Dreamworks all on the show floor.

Iwata says this is the first time 3D has been done without games. He mentions Project Sora, a cooperation with Sakurai.

The new title is revealed to be Kid Icarus Uprising! The game is graphically at level with a Gamecube title as Pit soarsd through the skies dodging lasers and fighting enemies with his two blades. The game is fast and action oriented as Pit taunts a Cerberus enemy.

While the game has no set release date, Iwata says the trailer will be available in 3D on the showfloor.

With 3D, it’s easier to judge distance btween enemies and yourself, says Iwata.

Idle 3DS systems will carry the sleep mode interaction from the original DS. However, in that system, the software was needed. Here, 3DS does that regardless to what software is in place.

New stages, ghost data, new quests and more could be downloaded as the system idles as it can connect to WiFi spots automatically. Theonline  service is also still free.

To close the day, Iwata mentions there’s large third party support with some first-party remakes, such as Miyamoto remaking Nintendogs with more stuff. Iwata points out a large list of third parties such as Activision with DJ Hero 3D, Square Enix with Kingdom Hearts, Capcom with Resident Evil, Ubisoft with Assassin’s Creed, and Konami with Metal Gear Solid.

A trailer of developers’ first experience with 3D, including Keiji Inafune from Capcom and Hideo Kojima from Konami.  In these cases, Inafune confirms the Resident Evil title will be an original title, while Kojima claims he’s experimenting how Metal Gear Solid will be like in a 3D frame. Other developers wax poetically about the console.

Reggie back on stage, recapping all the titles covered today. He hopes players found what they were looking for, including with the 3DS and how it is transforming gameplay.

One more trailer rolls with Iwata walking to a stool, breaking out the 3DS. Mario pops out and sticks a mustache on him and he’s sucked into the game. Miyamoto walks in confused and meets with a dog… who also sucks him into the console. DK battles, Arwings, master swords and several other nintendo items littler the room as Reggie walks up. Miyamoto and Iwata are running from Bowser as Reggie laughs. Bowser pops out from the system and sets Reggie on fire!

Reggie on stage with a burned up jacket. Brilliant. Several models walk out with 3DS’ strapped to their belts. These “tour guides” will show how the 3DS’ 3D works in a video game world.  Additionally, Skyward Sword is on the show floor in the theater for reporters to play.

And that’s a wrap!

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    We’ve shown you the full press conference, but have you seen the reaction of the entire crowd All Nintendo fans must see this.


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