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[Update]E3 2010: Sony confirms PlayStation Move’s price, release date

June 15, 2010

Kevin Butler just took the stage at Sony’s E3 keynote and revealed the pricing for the PlayStation Move.

Drum roll please…

The PlayStation Move is $50, and the subcontroller (the nunchuk thing) will run you $30. You’ll be able to get your Move on starting Sept. 19, when Move hits stores. That’s a total of $80 for one person’s pair of Move peripherals — or almost half what Microsoft is presumably charging for Kinect. Let the motion control wars begin, ladies and gents! Who do you have your money on?

Check out our live rundown of Sony’s conference here, if you’d like.

[Update on June 15, 2010, 3:59 p.m. by Jonathan Davila: Also announced were two bundles: a $100 bundle consisting of a Move, subcontroller and the PlayStation Eye (required to use Move) and Sports Champions and a $399 bundle consisting of Move and a PS3.]


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