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E3 2010: Sony Press Conference Liveblog

June 15, 2010

The Sony Press Conference is over now, but read on for our liveblog of the event. Start from the bottom and scroll up.
4:52 – North Korea scored late in the game 2-1. It’s over now though. Like Sony’s Press Conference. Keep your browser on The Gamer Gazette for continual E3 coverage.
4:52 – Game comes out next year.
4:51 – There are factions based on characters. Clown Faction, Doll Faction.
4:50 – New mode. Objective based called Nuke.
4:49 – 16-player online. Flight added for first time. Two and four-player split-screen. Team deathmatch.
4:48 – David Jaffe on stage with someone else from Eat, Sleep, Play to pimp new Twisted Metal game made by the same key members from original games.
4:47 – Sweet Tooth! I freaking called it!
4:45 – Guy in video said car combat. Is it Twisted Metal?
4:45 – Tretton said one more surprise.
4:45 – New city for Cole. New powers? Looks like Ice has been added.
4:43 – Infamous 2 video.
4:43 – GT5 will have 3D version and regular version on one Blu-ray.
4:40 – Gran Turismo 5 video. I wonder what they’ve got up their sleeves for this game, if they have anything at all.
4:36 Video of stuff coming to PS3. Marvel vs. Capcom 3, GT5, True Crime, DC Universe (forgot about that game) Tron, etc.
4:34 – World premiere of multiplayer content for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.
4:33 Mafia II on Aug. 24 with exclusive PS3 content.
4:31 – Video of Final Fantasy XIV. Sharp dive after Portal 2, just sayin.
4:31 – Portal 2 coming 2011.
4:30 – Portal 2 coming to PS3. Newell says Steam will be a part of that experience, mentioned Steam Cloud. Footage of Portal 2 now.
4:28 – GLaDOS from Portal interrupted Tretton! Gabe Newell is out with a Portal 2 logo behind him!
4:26 – Dead Space 2 + Dead Space Extraction with Move support = Limited Edition only on PS3.
4:25 – They chose the right section to play for this event. It’s intense.
4:24 – Steve Papoutsis from Visceral Games on stage to live demo of Dead Space 2.
4:23 – Oct. 12 PS3 owners get Limited Edition of Medal of Honor. Includes Medal of Honor Frontline.
4:23 – Beta June 23. Game out Oct. 21.
4:22 – Multiplayer footage. Definitely looks like a DICE made multiplayer game. Graphics are sick!
4:21 – Goodrich, “Dice gives us unlockable beards.”
4:21 – I’m pumped for this game.
4:19 – They’re introducing a new character for Medal of Honor named Deuce. EA dropped a Deuce! Sorry.
4:18 – Greg Goodrich, executive producer of Medal of Honor on stage. He looks like the main character of the game.
4:17 – Exclusive content from EA for PS3. John Schappert on stage.
4:17 -Not only encouraging people to get PS3 but to get PS3 versions of games, Tretton.
4:15 – If you subscribe you will own the content as long as you are subscribed. $20 for 3 months, $50 for a year.
4:13 – Tretton back and the topic is the premium PSN services called Playstation Plus.
4:12 – Footage of available game modes in LBP built “in one night.”
4:10 – He’s talking about new modes for LBP2. Didn’t get the first one but the second is “Crashy Crash.” It’s a sumo type game, push the person off the arena.
4:08 – Alex Evans from Media Molecule on stage to talk about LittleBigPlanet 2.
4:07 – Used LittleBigPlanet and ModNation Racers as examples of Play. Create. Share.
4:07 – “Challenged our publishing partners to invest in our system,” Tretton.
4:05 – Jack is on stage touting the content available on the PSN Store and Home. He said the PS booth has been completely replicated in Home.
4:00 – A PSP in what looks like Jets green? It won’t sell in Miami.
3:59 – Tretton listed some games and said there will be over 70 new PSP titles by December. And Elano puts Brazil up 2-0.
3:57 – Trailer for God of War: Ghost of Sparta.
Invizimals. A game that uses the PSP camera peripheral for to do something I’ll never play.
3:55 – Looks like they’re separating the PSP and PS3. Butler for PS3, Marcus for PSP. Might appeal to the PSP demographic. Might.
3:53 – Uh oh they’re going after Apple.They’re using that funny black kid. I forgot his name. He’s Tracy Morgan’s son on 30Rock.
3:53 – A new campaign pushing the PSP.
3:52 – Tretton back talking about the “Digital Living Room.”
3:51 – Move sizzle reel. Brazil up 1-0 btw. Goal by Maicon. Grrr!
3:50 – RE5 and more to be updated with Move functionality. Move for $49.99, Navigation controller for $29.99, launches in the US on Sep. 19
3:47 – “We all serve on master. Gaming. Forever may he reign!” Sony needs to re-up his contract.
3:45 – “The Move brings a whole lot more everything to the table.” Heroic shots of Butler with the Move controllers in the background.
3:43 – “Gaming is about staying up ’til 3 a.m. to get a trophy that isn’t real,” Butler.
3:42 – He’s making fun of people. You know who I’m talking about. He says we should focus on the games.
3:41 – Kevin Butler!
3:40 – Ratchet, Jak, and Sly together on one game called Heroes on the Move (working title).
3:39 – Move for Tiger Woods on PS3 will be an update to the game.
3:36 – More one-to-one. Wilson is rotating the golf club with the Move. He said he’s been playing golf for 20 years but got it in with both of his swings. Hmm
3:34 – Of course it’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour.
3:33 – Andrew Wilson, Head of Worldwide Development for EA Sports on stage talking about how Move will work for sports games.
3:30 – One-to-one motion from Sorcery because of Move.
3:31 -This looks technically impressive and kind of fun. Might have to much physical activity for me. Yes, I’m that lazy.
3:27 – Christian Busic on stage talking about Sorcery. A new game designed specifically for Move.
3:26 – Traditional game and PS Move version on same disc because of Blu-ray, Dille.  The execs keep talking about Kevin Butler. I say he shows up on stage before the press conference is over. Supermassive Games is talking about the Move. Who are they? You ask. Good question. I reply. FYI Brazil, North Korea still 0-0
3:22 – Video of what developers think of the Move. The first three work for Sony.
3:21 – Peter Dille is on stage talking about the Move.
3:20 – Tretton back on stage and Sony apparently still cares about the PS2.
3:17 – Sony showing a montage of 3D available games.
3:14 – Motorstorm Apocalypse, Gran Turismo 5, Sly Cooper Collection in 3D on Sony’s side. From third party: Shaun White, Ghost Recon, Crysis 2, and Mortal Kombat.
3:12 – Killzone 3 available February 2011 and will be fully compatible with Playstation Move.
3:11 – Guerilla is showing a segment where the player is shooting down Helghast on ISA dropships. It looks fun. The crowd digs it.
3:10- It looks pretty good graphically. Can’t say if it looks better than KZ2 because two looked really good to begin with.
3:07 – Live demo of KZ3 going on now.
3:05 – Creative Director of Guerilla Games on stage to demo Killzone 3 in 3D.
3:04 – Wipeout HD and more are available today in 3D on the PSN Store.
3:05 – Hirai says Playstation will do for 3D what it did for Blu-ray.
3:02 – Tretton brings out his boss Kaz Hirai
3:00 – Jack Tretton takes the stage. Right on time Sony.
2:57 – Montage of games, consoles, and our man Kevin Butler even shows up.

2:56 – Music kicking up. Better turn down the Brazil vs. North Korea game.

2:53 – Less than 10 minutes ’til show time. I better get snacks and a drink.


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