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Casual Gamer Friday: Beware the Laser Cats in TF2

June 25, 2010

Okay, so it’s been a rather slow news week, thanks in part to E3. This means we’ve not really had a lot to run, outside of the odd story here or there.

Well, on my daily trek through the Interwebs for anything that could get a posting, this video was just too good to pass up.

Some of us around the Gazette have been getting into Team Fortress 2 lately (when we’ve got the free time!) So, when it comes to seeing a map where a giant cat comes out and fires lasers, lightning bolts and angry Africanized bees at all the players on the arena?

Oh yeah. That’s getting a post.

Essentially, an achievement server called The Daily Grind, where players can go to get easy achievements, decided it was going to add a little twist to its map one day. And what a twist it is.

If you want to download the map or force the server you play on to incorporate the idea, hit up the link here and the ever-useful instructions here.

[Thanks to Destructoid for this!]

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