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2010’s Club Nintendo awards revealed

July 1, 2010

For members that have been registering Nintendo titles for the past year, Nintendo has prizes ready for you.

Two prizes are up for grabs this year for members that reached Gold status, earned by collecting 300 “coins” in item registrations, or Platinum status, a much more lofty 600 “coins” amassed. What are they this time?

While last year offered Platinum Members a Mario hat or a chance to fight the candy munching boxing trainer Doc Louis in Doc Louis’ PunchOut!!, members who reached the rank this year will get a snazzy four inch tall figurine featuring Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Toad,  a Goomba, and Bowser towering over all of them.

Meanwhile, Gold Members will receive the option of choosing another calendar, this time for 2011, which will sport many of Nintendo’s characters throughout the year.

However, new this year is the option for Platinum members to also choose the reward for Gold members, should they decide they don’t want a figurine.

Members have until the end of July to put in their requests for gifts. After that, there will be a longer waiting game as Nintendo doesn’t plan to ship the items until closer to December.

The figurine is not as nice as the full Super Mario Galaxy 2 soundtrack Japan received, but it’s a neat little nick-nack for the Nintendo aficionados to show off. Beggars can’t be choosers, I guess. It IS free, but still lacking compared to what the Japanese get.

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