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Third annual Zeldathon starts today, here’s the Link (lol)

July 5, 2010

While video game “marathoning” isn’t anything new, it’s always nice when a band of swell chaps get together and do it for the kids — especially if they’re playing one of gaming’s most beloved franchises, The Legend of Zelda. Those swell chaps are none other than the aptly named Zeldathon folks, and their third annual Zelda marathon starts today (in about an hour actually).

This year, they’ll be playing through all of the main console Zelda games for a non-stop 72 hours (or longer if need be) in an attempt to raise $1,000 for the National Children’s Advocacy Center. In their first two years, the team has yet to fail reaching their goal, and they don’t intend on 2010 being their first, so if you’d like to help out or just tune in to their live video stream make sure to hit up their official site. I’m sure you won’t want to miss the team go through Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. I pity the poor Zeldathon team member who has to suffer through that one, but just keep thinking about the kids, buddy. Think about the kids.

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