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Valve brings down the hammer on Modern Warfare 2 cheaters

July 21, 2010

A situation is brewing over on Valve’s forums. After several months of people using cheats, knowingly or not, Valve’s Anti-Cheat system kicked in and hundreds, possibly thousands, of players found themselves from playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and possibly many more of their games.

On Steam,  a VAC ban on an account means that account is no longer allowed to play any game running off an engine. For example, being banned in a game with the Source engine like Team Fortress 2 will prevent playing other games like Half-Life 2 online on VAC secured servers.

A more serious ban will prevent registering brand new games and immediately ban any new product codes used, requiring users to make a brand new Steam account.

Needless to say, there are a lot of angry people flooding in the forums trying to get the ban lifted from their accounts, but Valve is hearing nothing of it.

“We will not un-ban your account regardless of the reason,” said an FAQ regarding the banning on the Steam forums. “It doesn’t matter if someone else used your account, you didn’t know what you were doing was wrong, your brother or sister downloaded a cheat you didn’t know about, etc. Use of your Steam account is your responsibility.”

Problems with hackers on Modern Warfare 2 also exist on the Xbox 360, but users there are unaffected by this wave of bans.

It’s unfortunate for the people that were unknowingly caught up in the ban wave, as some game mods that simply change textures for a player might come with a plug-in that could trigger the VAC system to ban the account.

[Via Steam forums]


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