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About The Gamer Gazette


The Gamer Gazette’s origin story goes a little something like this:

One Gazette staffer wrote a text message to another one morning. The text said something to the tune of, “Let’s start a blog about video games.” The staffer who received the message replied with a, “Hell yeah.”

The next text sent between the staffers read “Awesome. Where the [expletive] do we start?”

Although both were clueless, they were not deterred, and a month later, The Gamer Gazette was born with a mission to inform and entertain gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

The staff is currently made up of Florida International University students who study (or already work in) the journalism world and have a passion for the video game industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to simply deliver you your daily dose of video game news. We believe in objective reporting and informative, yet entertaining, writing. We also believe in interacting with our readers, which is why we encourage any one who reads this site to write comments on our stories or to send us e-mails. We want to meet gamers and speak with gamers so that we can have a better grasp on what it is gamers want to read when coming to our site. We hope this mentality can someday make visiting The Gamer Gazette a daily ritual for the average gamer.

So thanks for taking the time to read this. We hope you enjoy our site. If it’s been informative for you, let us know! If not, let us know any way!

For more information about us, check out the Contact Us page and shoot us an e-mail. You  can send us tips, comments, criticisms or suggestions (or that pancake recipe!) at any one of those e-mails.

Thanks for your interest!

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